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What is OnTarget? OnTarget enables you to take full control of your sales and marketing campaign through a new integrated solution. You will be able to successfully market to a wider and more targeted audience, using the OnTarget marketing solution, achieving higher direct contact results.

In essence, OnTarget helps you to acquire targeted leads, convert these leads into actual customers and assist you to grow and expand your business base exponentially.

OnTarget is a comprehensive online campaign management system, empowers you to customise your marketing leads database, execute marketing campaign directly and generate results quickly. It’s a totally hassle-free solution with just clicks away.

It is an insight-driven solution to unlock new revenues streams, and helps you to establish your desired marketing segment while reducing marketing cost.

Learn How OnTarget can help to improve your Sales and Marketing Results:

OnTarget has 2 main features to assist you in marketing your products and services.

1. Campaign Management

Under Campaign Management, you will be able to define your criteria in generating your marketing list and manage all the campaign profile which you have created

2. Company Query

Under Company Query, you are able to conduct a background check on your potential customers. The query will benefit your sales and marketing personnel to locate the contact person to do their cold-call or visit. You will also be able to identify the capital structure of the company to determine if it’s a potential customer worth targeting on.

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