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Q1. What is OnTarget?

OnTarget is a comprehensive online campaign management system that empowers you to customise your marketing leads database, execute marketing campaign directly and generate results quickly. It’s a totally hassle-free solution with just clicks away.

It is an insight-driven solution to unlock new revenue streams, and helps you to establish your desired marketing segment while reducing marketing cost.

OnTarget enables you to take full control of your sales and marketing campaign through a new integrated solution. You will be able to successfully market to a wider and more targeted audience, using the OnTarget marketing solution, thus achieving higher direct contact results.

In essence, OnTarget helps you to acquire targeted leads, convert these leads into actual customers and assist you to grow and expand your business base exponentially.


Q2. Why OnTarget?

Helps you to grow revenue through improved and effective marketing campaign management. The goal is to get the right customers, at the right time, with the right offers, through the right channels profitably.

Allows you to build a targeted marketing database to manage your marketing and sales campaigns more effectively and efficiently.

Allows you to establish a credible database that guarantees up-to-date and “live” companies in your leads generation.

Enables you to understand who your potential customers are by performing a background check on them.


Q3. Who are the people behind OnTarget?

Experian is a leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to our clients around the world.

For more than 125 years around the world, we've been gathering, analysing and processing data in unique ways. We help individuals to take financial control and access financial services, businessed to make smarter decisions and thrive, lenders to lend more responsibly, and organisations to prevent identity fraud and crime.

Our Credit Services business in Singapore was formerly operating as DP Information Group and underwent a full rebrand to become a part of Experian in May 2019.

For more information on our Credit Services, please visit


Q4. What is Campaign Management?

Under Campaign Management, you will be able to define your criteria in generating your marketing list and manage all the campaign profile, which you have created with the following functions:

  • Count Generation function: is the module to assist you to generate a list of companies based on your defined criteria. There is a wide range of parameters, which you can set based on your needs. Business Activity selection will allow you to target at a specific industry. You can also target at the matured or newly set up companies by specifying period of incorporation of the companies. In addition, you may also identify companies of a certain size based on their paid-up capital and turnover. We understand that you will also like to segment your potential clients according to their geographical location for convenience reason. Hence, you may also identify your parameters according to the postal code at which they are located.

  • Purchase and Download function: allows you to instantly purchase the marketing list and downloads into softcopy when you have generated the count based the criteria which you have set. You can also decide how many companies you wish to purchase from the whole list of companies to test the effectiveness of a specific industry or market towards your products.

  • Campaign Status function: keeps all campaigns created and purchase history. You will be able to refer to the criteria set for per campaign and the purchase status. You may refer to them as and when you wish.


Q5. What is Company Query?

Under Company Query, you are able to conduct a background check on your potential customers. The query will benefit your sales and marketing personnel by locating the contact person to do their cold-call or visit. You will also be able to identify the capital structure of the company to determine if it’s a potential customer worth targeting on.


Q6. How do I find out the count generated?

Login to OnTarget. Click on Campaign Status. You will find your campaign and the count returned. You may find out more from the User Guide.


Q7. How do I purchase the list?

Click on Campaign Status and click on the campaign name, which you wanted to purchase the list from. Indicate the quantity, which you wish to purchase and click submit. The list will be instantly available to be downloaded. You may find out more from the User Guide.


Q8. How long do you keep my Campaign profile(s)?

Campaign profiles will be kept for 6 months from the date that it is created.


Q9. How long do I need to wait for the count generation to be ready?

The count generation will be ready 3 hours upon submission.


Q10. How long do I need to wait to purchase and download the listing?

Once you have purchased the list, you are able to download the list immediately.


Q11. How do I download the list?

Click on the download button and save the document in your designated folder in the computer. The file is save in csv format. To view the list in excel format, open the file in excel.


Q12. If I have not downloaded the list after purchase, am I still able to do so?

The download file will be available for 7 days after you have purchased the list. Please email to our Customer Service at if you did not see the download button or have miss the download period.


Q13. If I have generated the count but did not purchase the list, how long do you keep the validity to purchase?

The validity to purchase is 3 months from the count generated. If you have not purchase the list after 3 months, you will need to re-generate the count again.


Q14. Can I change the criteria after the campaign profile has been submitted for generation?

You can cancel the count generation as long as the status of the count is shown as “Waiting to be generated” and re-submit a new campaign with the correct criteria.


Q15. Can I cancel any purchase?

Once the list has been purchased, there is no cancellation allowed. The purchase list is instantly available upon purchase.


Q16. What if I’ve forgotten my login id?

You may contact our Customer Service Team to trace your login id by providing your company name or registered email address.


Q17. What if I’ve forgotten my password?

If you have activated your 2-Step verification and forgotten your password, please click “Need help signing in?” followed by “Forgot Password” to reset your password.


Q18. Who do I ask if I need personal assistance?

Should you have any difficulties or enquiries, our Customer Service Team is available from Mondays to Fridays from 9.00am to 5.30pm at


Q19. How can I check my balance records?

To view your balance records, you have to login to OnTarget, click “Account Management” located at the top menu bar and click “Check Balance Records”.


Q20. How long are the balance records valid for?

The balance records are valid before expiry date of the subscription package.


Q21. I have balance records, which are insufficient to purchase any of your products. Can I get a refund?

It is not our policy to refund any balance. If you wish to continue to use the service, we suggest that you renew the subscription plan with us for the future list generation.


Q22. How do I terminate my account?

If you wish to terminate your membership with OnTarget (which we hope you won’t), please email to us at Alternatively, your subscription package will automatically expire on expiry date and the balance records will be forfeited if it is not used by the expiry date.


Q23. How do I check my expiry date?

To view your subscription expiry date, you have to login to OnTarget, click “Account Management” located at the top menu bar and click “Check Balance Records”. The subscription information on the expiry date will be listed.


Q24. Which Internet browser supports OnTarget?

OnTarget is best viewed with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)

Q25. Who do I approach if I need technical assistance?

If you encounter any technical difficulties on our site, please email us at immediately so that we can provide you with prompt assistance.

Should you need immediate assistance, please contact our Customer Service at